As bespoke tailors and shirt makers, it is understood that when an order is placed, the cutter takes a full set of measurements which are then translated into an individual pattern. The cloth is ordered and cut to this pattern. A first fitting (a baiste) is then made and the client is invited to a fitting to discuss any details and alterations. The cutter will mark the changes and the garment will then be remade. The client may be requested to attend a second fitting, before the garment is completed.

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For further information and/or to arrange an appointment, please contact Clive in our bespoke tailoring department:

+44(0)207 377 8755

Mr Clive Phythian, 3rd generation Master Cutter:
in the Alexander Boyd store, 52 Artillery Lane, Spittalfields, London

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Bespoke tailoring is unique as it is entirely made by hand and can be altered repeatedly whereas with a made to measure garment it becomes more difficult as the garment is predominantly made by machine. An individual pattern is made for each client and the garments are made by hand. With bespoke garments fusing is never used, as is the case with made-to-measure and ready-to-wear garments.
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4th generation Apprentice Cutter: Mr Steven Phythian
in Artillery Lane