"The Suit is the frame, the Shirt the canvas
and the Tie is the signature".

Whilst the absence of a tie conveys a casual and relaxed demeanor, wearing a tie at the appropriate time can provide a certain gravitas.

The tie can reveal the wearer's personality. There are several factors to consider, such as size, shape and design. The vibrancy of colour and the use of of luxury fabrics for example woven, printed or knitted silks and cashmere also have to be considered.

The shape of the tie will to some extent determine the style of knot that's required: Windsor, Half Windsor, Four-in-Hand or Prince Albert.

Silk designs: Paisleys, Spitalfields, Spots, Stripes, Contemporary, Animals, Cartoons, Fantasy

Woven ties
The silk industry arrived in England with the Huguenots in 1720 and located in Spitalfields, a district of London known to a few as the 'Cradle of Silk', whose descendants who to this day are weaving silk in Sudbury, Suffolk. These exquisite warps have been perfected by generations of weavers giving the vibrancy and lustre to these fine English woven silks.

Foulard ties
English printers in Macclesfield or Italian printers in Como? Unfortunately there are only a handful of companies in England specializing in Foulard silks for ties and scarves and only one of these is located in Macclesfield. There are many silk printers renowned for making superb Foulard silk in Italy mainly located around Lake Como, which became synonymous for silk because of the Chinese Silk Run which crossed Asia and Europe terminating in Como.

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All Alexander Boyd ties are handmade
in our factory in Kent and are available in our store located at 52 Artillery Lane in Spitalfields.