Fine English Handmade Shirts

The Factory Floor: Brompton, Kent 1910s

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Alexander Boyd shirts are made by our parent company Rayner and Sturges
who have been making shirts and collars in Brompton in Kent since 1913. Handmade shirts require a high degree of skill, whereas the majority of shirts found in high street shops are made by machine. Unfortunately since the 1970s these hand making skills have been partially lost due to most of the clothing factories in the United Kingdom closing down and being replaced by garment factories overseas.
Shirting fabric to be cut: 1929
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Rayner and Sturges: Staff outing circa 1930s

Whereas in previous times Lancashire was the centre of the world's cotton industry, today the bulk of the cotton shirting we purchase is woven in Italy or Switzerland from cotton grown in Egypt. Our fabric buyer frequently visits the mills to check that both the weaving and finishing procedures are being correctly followed, thereby enabling us to offer you a wide choice of the very finest shirting fabrics.
Through various training programmes we have been able to maintain a high standard of workmanship, which is to be found in every shirt.

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