Bespoke Tailoring is an art,
as well as a science.

In order to formulate the pattern and make the finished garment, the cutter has to interpret the client's ideas and must be able to translate these into a set of measurements.

At Alexander Boyd we are fortunate to have one of the leading master cutters, Clive Phythian, who is the third generation of his family to join the tailoring profession.

Clive originally trained at Gieves & Hawkes, the civil and military tailors in Savile Row, for eight years and won several awards before he joined the family firm J. G. Chappel.

Clive's son Steven has now joined Alexander Boyd as an apprentice cutter and hopefully will become the fourth generation Master Cutter.

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+44(0)207 377 8755

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Bespoke coat in the window of
Artillery Lane