Bespoke Shirtmaking

What should you expect when ordering a bespoke shirt from Alexander Boyd?

In much the same way as outerwear, Bespoke Formal shirts are for the working day (a series of board meetings, conferences and interviews), while Bespoke Casual shirts are for informal meetings, entertaining, or sporting events.

The nature of your life is our starting point. Whether you prefer a weekend lunch party with friends, or a day at the races, or a trip to a rugby match. For a smart casual occasion we might propose a relaxed shirt with a knitted silk tie, a tweed jacket or blazer, chinos or jeans, bright coloured socks and a pair of loafers, or for an informal evening at home or at a club, a superb white mandarin-collar shirt, with a pair of tailored jeans

The answer is simple - have one made. Select the design of the fabric from our wide range of shirting fabrics. Your measurements are taken by one of our tailors and you decide upon the shape of the collar and cuffs, as well as any other details required.

Not only will this shirt fit better than any other, it will demonstrate your discernment and reflect your personality - surely this is what clothing is all about.
We consider the shirt as the key element in your wardrobe. Where do I find such a shirt?
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We request a minimum order of 4 shirts, the first shirt being a trial shirt for which there is no charge. You will only be charged for 3 shirts.
Each shirt is individually cut by hand from the pattern drafted in our workrooms. The collars, cuffs and placket are turned and made by hand (with a different weight of lining used for the collars and cuffs).

For formal shirts the yoke is constructed from four pieces of cloth and for a more casual look the yoke is made from two pieces of fabric known as a single yoke. The correct measurement of the yoke is crucial in creating the correct balance to the shirt.
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Each shirt is made with single needle stitching throughout, giving a neat and precise finish to the side seams and gauntlets. Whenever a shirt is made from a stripe or check shirting fabric, the sleeves will match at the shoulder head, and the gauntlets will match the sleeves. This is referred to as "fully matched".

Mother of Pearl buttons are used throughout on all of our shirts. Almost all other shirts on the market are made with plastic buttons which turn an unattractive yellow over time.

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Shirt Patterns

For further information please contact our bespoke department :

+44(0)207 377 8755